About Us


The Factory Community Project was conceived in 1973 out of an idea that the Islington Voluntary Action Council and Simon Kaplinsky (a local architect) had that people in the Islington ward of Mildmay needed a specific site from which to address their community needs. (specifically a place to take their children).

In 1973 the building on Matthias Road was empty and derelict having been used as a piano factory, an ink factory, a mail order warehouse and as an air raid/fire wardens lookout in the two world wars. The current playground at the front of the building was built on and had a printers company in it with the area behind it (now occupied as the nursery) used a garage where vehicles were spray painted.

In 1975 the building was renovated by Islington Council with Home Office approval for the Factory Community Centre charity for use as a community centre offering services to Under Fives, 5-13s Out of School Project, Youth Clubs, Women’s Activities, Ethnic Minority Groups, Elderly Groups and Community Education.

During the ensuing thirty years the charity has kept to it’s core business while actively adapting the services offered to correspond to the changing needs of the community around it. It is now in a completely new phase of it’s existence reflecting the government’s focus on the green paper “Every Child Matters” and is opening it’s doors as a centre dedicated to the care of children under five years of age and to aiding the parents and carers of those children in all areas of their lives. The Factory has always kept a keen eye on need and responded as quickly as funding opportunities would allow.

Our Aims

The aims of the Factory are to bring about an alleviation of the extreme poverty in the area and to effect an improvement in the conditions and quality of life of people living and working in the area.

We are dedicated to carrying on this work in partnership with other agencies from the third sector, the local authority, the PCT and relevant consortiums. The Factory aims to ensure that no person or group is discriminated against on grounds of race, sex, sexuality, disability, religion, age or class.

The Future

The Factory is changing with the needs and requirements of the local community. We must respond to the trends that the neighbourhood is experiencing and try to offer the best services possible that will bring the most benefits to users.

The work of the new Children’s Centre at 107 Matthias Road is indicative of the level of response that we have been able to muster with the aid of the local authorities of Islington and Hackney. The future is indeed exciting and the business of the Factory is growing apace.